Welcome to Office

A Coworking Space in Novi Sad where creativity meets collaboration!

What’s the Office about?

At Office Coworking Space in Novi Sad we set our priorities on Productivity, Community and Practicality.

With a community of Entrepreneurs, Artists, Freelancers and Remote Workers, together we collaborate, network, grow and create. Our modern Open Space and Private Offices with Ergonomic Chairs, Phone Booths and Meeting Rooms are designed for all your business needs with a focous on Productivity, Creativity and Fun.

Our Event Space and Chill Zone are the pillars of our space and awesome people – stop by for a Coffee or Tea, have a chat, experience the space.

Try Something New, You Never Know! 

Why Coworking?

Are you tired of working from home? Do you crave human interaction and the buzz of a productive environment? It might be time to consider working in a coworking space.

Coworking offers many benefits. It provides a sense of community, a professional environment that promotes productivity, opportunities to network and socialize with others in your industry, and a change of the “same old same old”. Try something new, you never know.



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Virtual Office

Looking for a place to register your company and a private mailbox for all your mail?
Contact our team, we have a solution