Virtual Office in Novi Sad

Virtual Office

30€ monthly


Register your company on our address, receive your mail here and stop worrying about missing your bills,
notes, those unexpected deliveries and other useless time consuming activities.

If you subscribe for a year, you get
1 month free.

How it works:
  • Display your company name on our building
  • Come pick up your mail, or we can send it to you
  • Print/Scan all your documentation
  • Most reliable Virtual Office

*We have a legal team that can assist you when registering your Entrepreneur (Preduzetnik), Limited Liability
Company (D.O.O.) and Residence and Work permits.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your Virtual Address or any other Coworking matter, please don’t hesitate to drop by, call us or send us a message. We will gladly help you out.

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Send us email

Gajeva 1-3
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